Compatibile SOLO con le seguenti MB SuperMicro:
  • X7DBP-8
  • X7DBP-i
  • X7DBX-8
  • X7DBX-i
  • H8DMR-82
  • H8DMR-i2

  • Featuring IPMI 2.0 Server Remote Management
    IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a hardware-level interface specification that defines a common, abstract message-based interface to platform monitoring and control functions. Providing peace of mind to customers, SIM (Supermicro Intelligent Management) module implements IPMI 2.0 technology to provide remote access, monitoring and administration for Supermicro server platforms. With SIM, server administrators can view a server's hardware status remotely, receive an alarm automatically if a failure occurs, and power cycle a system that is non-responsive.

    How does it work‚
    IPMI defines the protocols used for interfacing with an embedded service processor. This service processor - also known as Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) - resides on a server motherboard or in the chassis of a blade server or telecom platform. The BMC links to a main processor and other onboard elements via a simple serial bus.

    What does it do‚
    Supermicro Intelligent Management (SIM) module monitors onboard instrumentation such as temperature sensors, power status, voltages and fan speed, and provides remote power control capabilities to reboot and/or reset the server. It also includes remote access to the BIOS configuration and operating system console information via SOL (Serial over LAN) or embedded KVM capabilities. Because the controller is a separate processor, the monitoring and control functions work regardless of CPU operation or system power-on status.

    Anytime and Anywhere
    An administrator accesses the BMC by using an IPMI-compliant management application loaded on a PC or via a web interface on a management appliance that includes IPMI management and KVM. The IPMI protocol leverages an out-of-band network (typically dedicated for server monitoring and management), which provides a flawless and secure path for mission-critical applications when regular in-band connectivity is lost or is unresponsive. IPMI messages follow the same format whether they are received through an operating system or are sent and received out-of-band.

    Key Features
    * IPMI with KVM Over LAN **
    * Serial Over LAN (SOL)
    * VSC 2.0 supports Video Solutions up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz
    * Virtual Media Over LAN (Virtual USB Floppy/CD and Drive Redirection) **
    * LAN Alert-SNMP Trap
    * Event Log
    * OS Independent
    * Hardware Health Monitor
    * Remote Power Control
    * Management Tools - IPMIView, CLI (Command Line Interface)
    * Support RMCP & RMCP + Protocols

    Additional Features
    SIM featuring the IPMI 2.0 specification supports Serial over LAN to redirect serial console functionality into IPMI over IP. Administrators can then gain full remote access to text-based system information and control for BIOS, utilities, operating systems and applications. IPMI 2.0 also offers major security enhancements. In summary, SIM includes the following key features.

    * Embedded microprocessor providing optional out-of-band KVM capabilities, extending the use of a single keyboard/monitor/mouse to the entire network.
    * Enhanced authentication support that provides stronger processes for establishing secure remote sessions and authenticating users.
    * Enhanced encryption support that allows for secure remote password configuration and protects sensitive system data when transferred over the network.

    * NOTE: KVM-Over-LAN is supported on select motherboards. Please refer to the product spec page for support details.
    ** NOTE: Not Available with AOC-SIMSO-HTC or AOC-SIMLC-HTC